World Traditional Karate Championships Cracow ORLEN 2016 23rd European Fudokan Karate Championship



23rd European Fudokan Karate Championships

14-15 October 2016 (Friday - Saturday)

Tournament venue: TAURON Arena Krakow
7 Stanisława Lema Street, Cracow (Poland)

Organized by:
Tournament Organizing Committee (T.O.C.) of the EUROPEAN Fudokan Championships 2016

European Fudokan Karate Championships participants aged 14+ (cadets, juniors, youth, seniors and veteran category), competing under WFF/EFC rules.

13 October 2016 (Thursday) – Arrival of teams to Cracov
08:00-21:00 – Entry Registration
Place: Office of the European Championship

14 October 2016 (Friday)
08:00 – Opening ceremony
08:30-09:00 – Fudokan Karate Seminar
with Higashiyama Sensei Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga 10 DAN
09:00-21.:00 – Competition
Eliminations, semi-finals, finals for Children Category
Eliminations, semi-finals, finals for Cadet and Junior Category
Eliminations, semi-finals, finals for Seniors
Eliminations, semi-finals, finals for Veterans
23:00 – E.F.C. meeting – congress hall

15 October 2016 (Saturday)
08:00-12:30  – Competition
Finals for seniors
Finals for Veterans

15:00 – Official Opening Ceremony
Ultimate match between the finalists of WTKF World Championships and WFF European Championships
20:00-22:00 – Sayonara party

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