Dojo - Stara Wies






The Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre ‘Dojo – Stara Wieś’

Foundation for Traditional Karate Development started a new investment in 2003 – The Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre ‘Dojo – Stara Wieś’ (transl. 'Dojo – Old Village') in the village Stara Wies located in Przedborz commune (Lodz voivodeship). The Foundation – main investor – made an agreement with Traditional Karate Federation of Poland as regards obtaining financial means for that enterprise.

The aim of that undertaking is to make a unique European centre for Japanese martial arts and sports as well as promotion of Japanese culture to contemporary Europeans. The centre will allow for further dynamic development of traditional karate movement in Poland. It will be an optimal logistic and organisational backup for national and international events and training seminars with participation of the best Japanese traditional karate masters, which by now have been spread around Poland.

The Centre will be a sport-living complex with quite diffuse structures, designed according to Japanese architecture, with distinctly separated parts: living part (living-houses), gastronomical part, and training part. The Centre, in its formula and character, will be different from the commonly accepted image of the sport – centres. That character will allow, despite sport - training, to make special lectures, which will familiarise their participants with other forms of Japanese culture (calligraphy, ikebana, bonsai, haiku poetry) as well as keeping performance activities. One of the deepest follower of the multifunctional Centre is Ojin Tsutomu Yoshida - a great Japanese artist, who will realise there his artistic views in exhibitions and performance. The Centre’s architecture and buildings’ ergonomics will be designed according to the customs of Japanese culture, which will create suitable conditions for concentration and allow to uphold the Japanese ethics. The Centre will unite with the landscape, keeping unusual values of that place. The layout of the land within the Centre will allow to separate bicycle paths and space for horse – riding and practising the art of Japanese horse archery – yabusame.

The Centre located on the area of 60 ha belonging to the Foundation. The project includes the following structures:
2 large hall – buildings with gyms, social rooms and a spa-room
A remedial – house with a gym
16 living-houses (each for 7 people), separated from the surrounding by the Japanese garden
An administration building with a reception
A stable combined with a farm – living house

The map

Stara Wies 1
97-570 Przedborz
 powiat radomszczanski
tel. +48 44 747 07 40
tel. +48 42 632 85 79

GPS: 5059'56 N, 1959'25" E


The idea of the centre met with deep support of the Ministry of National Education and Sport and Japanese - Polish Counterpart Fund, which gave allocation for that enterprise. Financial participation in the investment was also made by the Office of Przedborz Town and Commune, which obliged itself to cover the expense of conveying access road and water supply to the centre.