24.06.2014 The Children For Peace Traditional Karate Do World Cup will be held on October 26th 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. Event is a part of 150 years anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan.więcej

22.06.2014 The Gasshuku 2014 and ITKF International Summer Camp will take place at the Japanese Martial Arts and Sport Centre ‘Dojo – Stara Wies’ in Stara Wies (Poland) on August 12-17.więcej

20.06.2014 The 17th ITKF World Traditional Karate Championship will be held on the 24-25 October 2014 in Petit-Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland and the 'CHILDREN FOR PEACE WORLD CUP' October 26th 2014 at the same place.więcej

15.06.2014 The 6th Traditional Karate ITKF European Cup ORLEN 2014 and the Intercontinental Kumite Cup took place on 14 June 2014 in Stara Wies (Poland) at the Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre 'Dojo-Stara Wies'.więcej

23.05.2014 25th Polish National Traditional Karate Championship of Seniors, Youths, Juniors and Cadets took place in Gdansk on 17-18 May. więcej

12.05.2014 Sensei Avi Rokah held the International Traditional Karate Seminar in the Japanese Martial Arts and Sport Centre ‘Dojo – Stara Wies’ in Stara Wies (Poland) on May 9-11.więcej

27.02.2014 From February 5 to 21, 2013, Mr. Włodzimierz Kwieciński – ITKF President, was on an official visit to Japan.więcej

06.02.2014 The winter edition of the Traditional Karate Seminar Gasshuku 2014 and the National Judges' Training Course took place between 29 of January and 2 of February 2014 at the Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre 'Dojo – Stara Wies' in Stara Wies (Poland). więcej

23.12.2013 With greetings of the season and all good wishes for the New Year - Traditional Karate Federation of Polandwięcej

17.12.2013 The 31th ITKF European Traditional Karate Championship took place on December 4-9, 2013 at the Arena Sparta in Prague (Czech Republic).więcej

03.12.2013 Sensei Ilija Jorga held the International Karate Seminar in the Dojo – Stara Wies in Stara Wies (Poland) on November 23.więcej

07.11.2013 The 5th anniversary of Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama’s passing falls on Monday, November 7, 2011więcej

25.10.2013 The 3rd Traditional Karate European Children’s Cup is now history. The competition took place on 19th Oct. in the main sports hall at Bushfield Leisure Centre in Peterborough, UK. We had a chance to watch efforts of over 200 young Traditional Karate athletes from 7 countries.więcej






12-17.08.2014 Stara Wies (Poland) – Gasshuku 2014, ITKF International Summer Camp (more)
19-21.09.2014 Czech Republic – Traditional Karate Seminar, sensei Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski 7 Dan ITKF


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