12.11.2019 A good rivalry of Poles during the 34th WTKF European Traditional Karate-do Chamionship (9.11.2019) and the 2nd World Children Championship (10.11.2019) in Brno, Czech Republicwięcej

08.11.2019 WADA World Anti-Doping Conference, 5-7.11.2019, Katowicewięcej

01.11.2019 The new organization between WTKF, ETKF, WBA and Fudokan has been established, 1.11.2019, Sindelfingen, Germanywięcej

21.08.2019 European Platform - Gasshuku 2019, 14-18.08.2019, Dojo-Stara Wieświęcej

27.06.2019 10th Traditional Karate-Do World Cup, 4-7.07.2019, Zamość, Polandwięcej

26.02.2019 The Interantional Seminar of Traditional Karate-Do conducted by Avi Rokah Sensei took place in Niepolomice (Poland) on April 27-28, 2019.więcej

16.01.2019 We had a special guest on December 16 2018 in Dojo Stara Wies during the Masterclass Course. We was honored by Yoshiaki Harada – Japanese Minster of Enviroment who was visiting Poland as a leader of Japanese presence on COP24 the Ecological Summit held in Katowice. Sensei Włodzimierz Kwieciński together with Sensei Paweł Krzywański and award winning athletes of Polish National Karate Team hosted Minister Harada visit.więcej

14.01.2019 The World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF) held its World Championship and Children’s Cup on October 22-28 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. More than 31 countries and 400 athletes from around the world gathered at Mile One Arena for two days of high level competition and camaraderie. więcej






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