Individual and Team Matches

Individual Matches Open Category
  • Shobu Ippon or a match lasting till one point awarded (2 wazari or 1 ippon). Duration of the fight: 90 seconds (effective time).
  • Sanbon Shobu - a match consisting of three fights Shobu Ippon (like three sets in tennis).
  • Jogai (out of bounds): a competitor who is Jogai twice is penalised by awarding his opponent wazari.


In order to be awarded a point, a competitor who executes a technique should maintain a proper stance, stability and zanshin (readiness to continue the fight, the spirit of fight). During the execution of the technique any contact is forbidden. If a contact happens, the judge assesses the consequences in the following way:
  • a contact which does not cause any injuries of the opponent, with good and precise control = 1 full point
  • a contact causing visible injuries of the opponent = a judge may treat it as hansoku (disqualifcation)
  • a contact with minimal consequences for the opponent = chui
  • in the case of hikiwake, if the victory is to be awarded after the first wazari or ippon, ketteisen is required, or the judge's decision determines the score.


Team Matches
The team who has got a higher score after the match wins. Points are counted in the following way:

  • ippon = 10 points
  • wazari = 4 points
  • chui = 4 points for the opponent
  • hansoku = 10 points for the opponent (if previously chui was awarded it does not count)
  • jogai = 2 points for the opponent.


Team and individual matches are played in a system of single eliminations without repasages.