28.05.2016 Results of the 7th Traditional Karate European Cup 2016




 7th Traditional Karate European Cup 2016
International Kumite Matches
28 May 2
016 – Stara Wies (Poland)


Agnieszka Sajdutka and Damian Tomasik won in the 7th Traditional Karate European Cup!

The 7th Traditional Karate European Cup was organised in the Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre “Dojo – Stara Wieś” on 28 May. The participants were the best European karate athletes chosen by their federations. They represented the following countries: Armenia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Poland.

Both during the elimination rounds and finals, the duels were fought at a very high level, as all of the competitors were prepared for the competition exceptionally well this year. But it was the final duels that evoked the most emotions, especially the one in the female category, where two Poles stepped on the mat – Maria Depta, the current world champion from Geneva, and Agnieszka Sajdutka, a slightly less experienced fighter. Although before the competition the current world champion had been favoured, it was Agnieszka Sajdutka that, after a downright fierce duel, won her first European Cup ever. After the competition, she said:

– This is my debut and the first European Cup in my career. When the emotions go down, I will be able to evaluate everything calmly because it is now difficult for me to say whether the fight was a good one. Maria is a very challenging opponent. She is hard to fight with because of her alertness, deep concentration and speed. I am happy that I won, but I am feeling unsatisfied. I did my kata well, but I know I could give a better fight.
The third place was taken by Jelena Stanojevic from Serbia, who defeated Tereza Kleiblova, a Czech athlete. Places 5 to 8 were taken by: Juste Baltrusaityte from Lithuania, Kathrin Hubatsch from Germany, Kristina Shevchenko from Ukraine and Camelia Valceanu from Romania.

The final male duel also evoked strong emotions, Damian Tomasik from Poland clashing with Narek Iskandaryan from Armenia. Shorter by almost a head, but very much experienced, the Armenian – despite a very good fight – had to acknowledge the superiority of the Polish fighter on that day.
– I participated in the Polish Traditional Karate League and the European Cup for the first time this year. I came back to compete after a two-year break. It turned out that I can still face the best karate athletes. The European Cup is a good test before fighting in the World Championship. I know that I am in a good shape and that I have to maintain it. I also know what I have to work on and improve – said Damian Tomasik after the competition.
Damian Pawlik from Poland did well in a fight for the third place: he beat Anatolija Kuzmenko from Ukraine in a very good duel.
Places 5 to 8 were taken by: Pranciscus Ambrazas from Lithuania, Ohanyan Artsrun from Armenia, Gennadii Golubchikov from Russia and Florin Muresan from Romania.

Apart from the European Cup, Dojo Stara Wieś was also the venue of International Kumite Matches. The participants were the Polish national team, European WTKF team and the team of the World Fudokan Federation. The Polish team proved to be the best. It included: Jan Kłębek, Dawid Rojowski, Michał Sowa and Maciej Szcząchor.

The World Fudokan Federation followed, composed of: Ohanyan Artsrun (Armenia), Maric Dragoje (Serbia), Florin Muresan (Romania) and Hadzi Strahinja Stojkovic (Serbia). The third place was taken by the European team representing WTKF: Pranciskus Ambrazas (Lithuania), Narek Iskandaryan (Armenia), Vladimir Pucha (Ukraine) and Vojtech Sliva (the Czech Republic).
The match in the junior category was also won by the Polish national team, consisting of: Michał Kłosek, Stanisław Budecki and Dawid Wnęk.

The second place was taken by the European WTKF team: Mantas Cibulskis (Lithuania), Martin Kacer (the Czech Republic) and Vitalii Petelchuk (Ukraine) and another Polish team won the third place, its members being: Kacper Dumieński, Nikodem Ogoński and Adam Kańczukowski.




Results of the 7th Traditional Karate European Cup 2016


1. Agnieszka Sajdutka (Poland, AKT w Rzeszowie)
2. Maria Depta (Poland, TS „Sokol” Aleksandrow Lodzki)

3. Jelena Stanojevic (WFF, Serbia)
4. Tereza Kleiblova (Czech Republic)
Juste Baltrusaityte (Lithuania)
Kathrin Hubatsch (Germany)
Kristina Shevchenko (Ukraine)
Camelia Valceanu (WFF, Romania)

1. Damian Tomasik (Poland, TS „Sokol” Aleksandrow Lodzki)
2. Narek Iskandaryan (Armenia)
3. Damian Pawlik (Poland, KK Pruszkow)
4. Anatolii Kuzmenko (Ukraine)
Pranciscus Ambrazas (Lithuania)
Ohanyan Artsrun (WFF, Armenia)
Gennadii Golubchikov (Russia)
Florin Muresan (WFF, Romania)


Results of the International Kumite Matches

1. Poland: Jan Klebek (KKT Polkowice – Lubin), Dawid Rojowski (Kluczborski KK), Michal Sowa (MUKS Bytom), Maciej Szczachor (KK Pruszkow)

2. WFF: Ohanyan Artsrun (Armenia), Maric Dragoje (Serbia), Florin Muresan (Romania), Hadzi Strahinja Stojkovic (Serbia)
3. European Team WTKF: Pranciskus Ambrazas (Lithuania), Narek Iskandaryan (Armenia), Vladimir Pucha (Ukraine), Vojtech Sliva (Czech Republic)
1. Poland I: Michal Klosek (MUKS Bytom), Stanisław Budecki (KK „44” Lodz), Dawid Wnęk (AKT Niepolomice)
2. European Team WTKF: Mantas Cibulskis (Lithuania), Martin Kacer (Czech Republic), Vitalii Petelchuk (Ukraine)
3. Poland II: Kacper Dumienski (AKT Niepolomice), Nikodem Ogonski (KKT w Czestochowie), Adam Kanczukowski (KKT Polkowice – Lubin)

Photo: Adam Paczesny