05.06.2017 Results of the 9th Traditional Karate World Cup ORLEN 2017




9th Traditional Karate World Cup ORLEN 2017
Intercontinental Kumite Match
3 June 2017 – Lodz (Poland)

Agnieszka Sajdutka and Wiktor Staszak won in the 9th Traditional Karate World Cup ORLEN 2017!

The participants were the best world athletes chosen by their federations. They represented the following countries: Armenia, Brazil, Chile, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine and USA.

This event was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Ryszard Czeslaw Debski – karateka, friend, cofounder and member of the Board of Traditional Karate Federation of Poland, who passed away in 2011.

Both during the elimination rounds and finals, the duels were fought at a very high level, as all of the competitors were prepared for the competition exceptionally well this year. But it was the final duels that evoked the most emotions, especially the one in the female category, where two Poles stepped on the mat – Maria Depta and Agnieszka Sajdutka. It was Agnieszka Sajdutka that won her first World Cup ever.

The third place was taken by Nataliya Vyerloka from Russia, who defeated Michelle Càssia de Moura Melo from Brasil. Places 5 to 8 were taken by: Tereza Kleiblova (Czech Republic), Juste Baltrusaityte (Lithuania), Priscilla Tipeni (USA) and Amira Mokhamed (Ukraine).

The final male duel also evoked strong emotions. Wiktor Staszak (Poland) was victorious by beating Michal Sowa (Poland). Anatolii Kuzmenko (Ukraine) and Jakub Stepan (Czech Republic) fought for third place, which was won by Anatolii Kuzmenko. Places 5 to 8 were taken by: Narek Iskandaryan (Armenia), Gennadii Golubchikov (Russia), Julian Dumitras (Romania) and Artsun Ohanyan (Armenia).

- I could expect that in final female match two Polish athletes would fight, because both of them are experienced and very well prepared. Agnieszka had more willingness to win. Regarding the male match – they were the youngest polish participants in the history of World Cup. They are experienced, they have been training for a few years, but I was not sure it is enough. But it was good – said Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski – WTKF President, after the tournament.

Apart from the World Cup, Lodz was also the venue of Intercontinental Kumite Matches. The participants were the Polish national team (as a Host), Brasil team, international team and the team of the World Fudokan Federation. The Polish team proved to be the best. It included: Jan Klebek, Damian Pawlik, Damian Tomasik and Pawel Tomasik.

The international team followed, composed of: Viorel Bejan (Moldova), Narek Iskandaryan (Armenia), Anatolii Kuzmenko (Ukraine) and Alvaro Wegener (Chile).

The third place was taken by the team of World Fudokan Federation: Artsun Ohanyan (Armenia), Julian Dumitras (Romania) and Benjamin Zgank (Slovenia), and the fourth place was taken by the team from Brasil: Drausio Valentim de Moura Júnior, Paulo Afonso de Paiva Filho and Paulo Afonso de Paiva Neto.

In conjunction with the 2017 World Cup and Intecontinental Kumite Match the 17th Traditional Karate Polish Children’s Cup ORLEN 2017. More than one thousand children took part in this competition!

Results of the 9th Traditional Karate World Cup ORLEN 2017

1. Agnieszka Sajdutka – Poland (AKT Rzeszow)
2. Maria Depta – Poland (TS Sokol Aleksandrow Lodzki)
3. Nataliya Vyerloka – Russia
4. Michelle Càssia de Moura Melo – Brazil
5.  ereza Kleiblova – Czech Republic
6. Juste Baltrusaityte – Lithuania
7. Priscilla Tipeni – USA
8. Amira Mokhamed – Ukraine

1. Wiktor Staszak – Poland (AKT Niepolomice)
2. Michal Sowa – Poland (MUKS Bytom)
3. Anatolii Kuzmenko – Ukraine
4. Jakub Stepan – Czech Republic
5. Narek Iskandaryan – Armenia
6. Gennadii Golubchikov – Russia
7. Julian Dumitras – Romania/World Fudokan Federation
8. Artsun Ohanyan –  Armenia/World Fudokan Federation

Results of the Intercontinental Kumite Match
1. Poland Team: Jan Klebek (KKT Polkowice – Lubin), Damian Pawlik (KK Pruszkow), Damian Tomasik (TS Sokol Aleksandrow Lodzki), Paweł Tomasik (AKT Niepolomice)
2. International Team: Viorel Bejan – Moldova, Narek Iskandaryan – Armenia, Anatolii Kuzmenko – Ukraine, Alvaro Wegener – Chile
3. WFF Team (World Fudokan Federation): Artsun Ohanyan – Armenia, Julian Dumitras – Romania, Benjamin Zgank – Slovenia
4. Brazil Team: Drausio Valentim de Moura Júnior, Paulo Afonso de Paiva Filho, Paulo Afonso de Paiva Neto

Photo: Andrzej Olawa vel Olawiński