09.06.2017 Gasshuku 2017 and WTKF International Summer Camp



Gasshuku 2017
WTKF International Summer Camp

DATE: August 15-20


Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre 'Dojo – Stara Wies'
Address: Stara Wies 1, 97-570 Przedborz (Poland)

Albert Cheah Sensei (USA)
Founder and chief instructor of Orange County Japan Karate Association, the oldest Traditional Karate-Do dojo in Orange County, California. Sensei Cheah has trained Traditional Karate-Do for over
35 years under the tutelage of Sensei Nishiyama. He is a seven-time AAKF National Champion, and also an instructor, judge, and member of the AAKF Technical Committee

Mahmoud Tabassi Sensei (USA)
Vice-president of the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF), Vice-Chairman of Senior Council, Member of Senior Advisory Committee of the American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF)


Nelson Carrion Sensei (Uruguayj)
General Secretary of the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF), General Director and instructor of the Traditional Karate-Do Institute (TKI), cofounder and co organizer of many Traditional Karate-Do organizations all over the world including: Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain and France

Masanobu Sakugawa Sensei (Okinawa, Japan)
Shorin-ryu karate living legend, Chairman of All Okinawa Karate Federation

Ilija Jorga Soke (Serbia)
Executive President and Founder of World Fudokan Federation (WFF)

Włodzimierz Kwieciński Sensei (Poland)
President of the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF), Chairman of the Traditional Karate Federation of Poland (PZKT), Trainer Coach of the National Team of Poland