13.06.2018 WTKF Summer Camp Gasshuku 2018
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WTKF Summer Camp Gasshku 2018

Date: 20 – 24 August 2018 (Monday – Friday)

Place: Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre Dojo – Stara Wies

Hosted by: Traditional Karate Federation of Poland

WTKF International Summer Camp will take place as a part of celebration of “The Year of Sensei Nishiyama’s Legacy”. The seminar is available only for participants from all over the world with 4 kyu – 1 Dan. All participants must have valid International Insurance.

The program includes examinations 3 Kyu – 2 Dan.

Participation ticket or full package you must book online on WTKF website:


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  Shihan EDUARDO SALAS 9 Dan (Peru) – He has been student, companion and friend of Sensei Nishiyama for more than 20 years. He is also a key person in the development of traditional    karate-do in Latin America. He is interested in Tai Chi Kung, the Chinese art of movement, meditation, practice of cultivating long life and martial arts.

 Shihan WŁODZIMIERZ KWIECIŃSKI (Poland) - President of the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF), Chairman of the Traditional Karate Federation of Poland (PZKT), Trainer Coach of the National Team of Poland.


  Shihan NELSON CARRION 7 Dan (Urugwaj) - General Secretary of the World Traditional Karate-do Federation (WTKF), General Director and instructor of the Traditional Karate-Do Institute (TKI), cofounder and co organizer of many Traditional Karate-Do organizations all over the world including: Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain and France. He is an examiner, international WTKF judge and traditional karate-do instructor with many years of experience. He has participated in many traditional karate-do courses and seminars, conducted by Sensei Nishiyama as well. 


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