12.06.2018 8th Traditional Karate-do European Cup ORLEN 2018



8th Traditional Karate-do European Cup ORLEN 2018
June 1, 2018, Gdansk (Poland)


The 8th Traditional Karate-Do European Cup ORLEN 2018 was organized in the sport hall Ergo Arena in Gdansk (Poland) on June 1. The participants represented the following countries: Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

Two Poles stepped on the mat in the female category – Klaudia Mleko and Alicja Zalecinska. It was Klaudia Mleko who won her first European Cup ever.

The third place was taken by Roksana Sadowska (Poland), who defeated Natalia Vyerloka from Russia. Places 5 to 8 were taken by: Yevheniia Yantsevych (Ukraine), Maria Mielnik (Poland), Klaudia Piórek (Poland) and Agnieszka Sajdutka (Poland).

The final male duel also evoked strong emotions. Michał Sowa (Poland) was victorious by beating Yevhen Buzinskiy (Ukraine). Adrian Zwierzchowski (Poland) and Mantas Cibulskis (Lithuania) fought for third place, which was won by Adrian Zwierzchowski. Places 5 to 8 were taken by: Gevorg Sargsyan (Russia), Konrad Kardas (Poland), Dawid Rojowski (Poland) and Wiktor Staszak (Poland).

In conjunction with the 2018 Eropean Cup the 18th Traditional Karate-Do Polish Children's Cup ORLEN 2018. Almost one thousand children took part in this competition!

Photo: Beata Zarach

Photo: Aleksandra Czoska