04.09.2018 WTKF Master Camp Gasshku 2018



WTKF Master Camp Gasshku 2018

The WTKF Master Camp Gasshuku 2018 took place on August 15 to 19, 2018 at the Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre ‘Dojo – Stara Wies’ in Poland. It took place as a part of celebration of “The Year of Sensei Nishiyama’s Legacy”.
The seminar was available for participants from all over the world with minimum 2 dan. The seminar gathered 140 participants from the following countries: Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Ukraine, Uruguay and USA.
The following instructors were part of the teaching faculty for this karate event: Soke Ilija Jorga 10 dan (Serbia), Shihan Eduardo Salas 9 dan (Peru), Shihan Włodzimierz Kwieciński 8 dan (Poland), Shihan Mahmoud Tabassi 7 dan (USA), Shihan Nelson Carrion 7 dan (Uruguay), Sensei Giedrius Dranevicius 6 dan (Lithuania), Sensei Krzysztof Neugebauer 6 dan (Poland) and Sensei Albert Cheah 5 dan (USA).
The schedule of the seminar was very busy and consistent as well. The mail goal of this seminar was to improve the skills before the upcoming Festival World Karate-do Renaissance which will be held on October 22-28, 2018 in St. John’s, Newfoundland (Canada). Master Camp participants worked together in an interactive manner as they shared their knowledge and perspectives on the roots and fundamentals of Traditional Karate-Do, and training methods for athletes as well as judges.
Each day of the seminar began with the morning breathing exercises conducted by Sensei Salas. The first training day was devoted to kata training – its various aspects, the second day – kumite training, the third day – the last day, judging. Each training day was finished by theoretical test for all participants.
At the end of the seminar, the Sayonara Party took place, during which in the beautiful nature circumstances the film about our friend Witek Kwiecinski was broadcast. Witek tragically died in a moto paraglider accident on May 31, 2018. He was a WTKF PR & Media Director, Member of the Board of Traditional Karate Federation of Poland, multiple karate champion, photographer and filmmaker who influenced and inspired many people in traditional karate-do society.



Fot. Katarzyna Krzywańska


Photo: K. Krzywańska, P. Tytoń

Photo: B. Marciniak