27.06.2019 10th Traditional Karate-Do World Cup, 4-7.07.2019, Zamość, Poland

10th Traditional Karate-Do World Cup took place on 6 July 2019 in Zamość, Poland. In 10th World Cup started athletes from Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Italy and Great Britain.


There were competed 8 top men's and 8 top women's athletes, representative of different karate styles and organizations. From Poland will started Agnieszka Sajdutka (AKT Rzeszów), Alicja Zalecińska (Kluczborski KKT) and Dawid Rojowski (Kluczborski KKT).

Judges from Poland were Andrzej Olech and Janusz Sowa. 


Results: women - Agnieszka Sajdutka, Poland (1), Alicja Zalecińska, Poland (2), Jelena Stanojević, Serbia (3), Roxana Stoica, Romania (4), Hana Venturova, Czech Republic (5), Anna Machtylska, Great Britain (6), Yevheniia Yantsevych, Ukraine (7) and Dominika Versocka, Lithuania (8). Men - Yewhen Buzynskiy, Ukraine (1), Dawid Rojowski, Poland (2), Oliwer Dobre, Romania (3), Aurel Ciubotariu, Romania (4), Martin Kacer, Czech Republic (5), Darius Balciunas, Lithuania (6), Davide Temporin, Italy (7) and Filip Dębowski, Great Britain (8).


Photos: Agnieszka Orłowska. 


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