12.11.2019 A good rivalry of Poles during the 34th WTKF European Traditional Karate-do Chamionship (9.11.2019) and the 2nd World Children Championship (10.11.2019) in Brno, Czech Republic
On Novmber 9-10, 2019, two international events took place in Brno (Czech Republic), consolidating the largest traditional karate federations in Europe, wchich on November 2019 signed a cooperation agreement - WTKF (World Karate-do Federation), ETKF (European Traditional Karate Federation), WBA (World Budo Association) and WFF (World Fudokan Federation). 
On November 9, 2019, in DRFG Arena took place 34th European Championships in Traditional Karate-do, in which were fighting over 200 competitors from European countries (Austria, Armenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine and Italy) in the age categories of junior, cadet, youth and senior. 
The opening ceremony of the competition was made by the President of WTKF - Dr. Volodymyr Savchenko. Among the honorary guests were Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jorga - the President of the European Traditional Karate Federation, Mr. Andrzej Maciejewski - Vice President of the World Traditional Karate-do Federation and the President of Traditional Karate Federation of Poland, Mr. Andrej Korolev - the President od the World Fudokan Federation, Mihai Apan and Aleksandr Simic - Board Members of the World Fudokan Federation, Mr. Avi Rokah - the Technical Diretor of the World Budo Association and Mr. Justo Gomez - representative of the International Traditional Karate Federation. 
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Next day, November 10, also in the DRFG Arena, too place 2nd World Children's Championships. More than 1.200 competitors in age categories form the youngest children, through youths, cadets and juniors (500 children fprm Poland), took part in this event. 
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"During both events there was a good sports atmosphere and good level of competition. We are pleased of the results of Polish players. These results confirm, that our system of training is heading in the right direction - said the President of Traditional Karate Federation of Poland - The 2nd World Children's Championships was a historical event, because it was the first tournament within the framework of the platform between traditional karate federations. Next year it will be championships of four or more federations. We hope, that youngest players from Brno will start in the future during Olympic Games". 
The organizer of both championshis was Traditional Karate Federation of Czech Republic.